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Posted By: richardw
16-May-00 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Railroad Bill
Subject: RE: Help: Railroad Bill
Art and Stewie;

Thanks for the info. The quote I have is from 1937, from a local historian who refers to Billy Barker, after whom Barkerville B.C. is named. Barker was around during the 1860s to 80s. It is said he would come into a saloon or cafe, do a litte step dance and sing, "I'm English Bill, English Bill, Never worked and I never will, get alway girls or I'll tousle your curls." Now, Louis the historian might have picked this up from the Railroad Bill song, but I have worked with his information for years and he is always accurate. He lived at a time when the last of the old timers were still around and he corresponded and talked with them regularly. My gut feeling is that this ditty existed prior to Railroad Bill, but, so far, no luck in finding any other reference.

Richard Wright