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Posted By: Escamillo
15-May-00 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: RE: Hitting the high notes
MMario, even if you are singing for yourself, for amusement, possibly you force your voice a little more when you are outdoors (I mean not in the vicinity of walls or reflecting planes of any kind). The effort raises unconsciously and we rapidly get a "tired" throat. This, of course is a recommendation of professional singers. By the way, I've read a long and highly specialized article in Scientific American some years ago, dedicated to "shower" singers. I recall the elegant mathematical demonstration of the improvement in hearing when you are in a cubicle of certain precise dimensions and how sound waves behave inside it, and the effect of vapor in the air over the vocal cords and mouth cavities. Unfortunately we can´t gather a large audience in there :)
Mimosa, I'm glad to see another professional opinion. I'm an amateur but a good student (at my age!) and my classical style applied to negro spirituals and recently some traditionals, has given me many great moments. People really like an educated voice with a little comprehension of the singer regarding the nature of the songs. If we don´t miss the point (and sing everything as an aria), they always respond very enthusiastically. Please keep posting.
Un abrazo - Andrés

Un abrazo - Andrés