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Posted By: Ross Campbell
09-Mar-08 - 11:08 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Subject: RE: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Joe, thanks for the ask, and Spaw, thanks for the answer - I might have to take you up on that if no solution can be found.

I'm not sure when I first noticed the change, but I reckon up to about last January I was able to use the Refresh(All) option in the threads index page to get a listing of every thread back to the year dot, in order of last post. If I do this now I find that the first 1000 entries are listed (usually about three days' worth of posts), but it is impossible to get any further back. I understand this limitation was introduced to keep file-sizes from getting out of hand.

This has several disadvantages for me. If I'm away from internet access for a few days, I can't find out what people may have posted in the interval. It's easy to miss topical information (club/concert/festival dates) in that sort of timescale. And if you don't know what topics may have been discussed, you can't use keywords to pick up the threads.

I also used the historic listing to browse for inactive threads that may have generated great interest in the past - I found some great discussions this way, things I could find now because I know they are there, but which I couldn't possibly have found by keyword.

Joe has suggested the method above for calling up individual threads in sequence, and I have tried this, starting with thread 4 - but it's very labour-intensive, you don't find out the topic till you've actually brought up the page, so not a good method for seeking random interesting threads.

Another method of "randomising" the selection of threads to look at is to pick a Mudcat name, anyone who has contributed to a thread I've enjoyed, say "Joe Offer" or "catspaw49".
Clicking on the name brings up a list of that person's contributions (and there are happily quite a few of you who have been posting regular and fascinating material from way back).
The latest 250 posts are listed, but there is an option to step all the way back to someone's first Mudcat post.

What I suggested to Joe was that the "Refresh" results could possibly be presented in the same way as the "Name" results, to bring back the historical range that used to be there. As a former programmer, I am aware that things that look simple to do ain't necessarily so, but if something like that could be devised, that would be great.

As things stand, the "Refresh " options beyond three days are effectively blocked.