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Posted By: Grab
15-May-00 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: RE: Hitting the high notes
To continue the theme, even though I'm a bloke...

Does your range deteriorate over time? Age 18 I sang tenor in a local choir (Mozart's Requiem plus some other rather bizarre piece I can't remember offhand) and sang to myself quite a bit for a little while after that. At the time I could easily reach G, and I could get up to B with a bit of a push. But now I'm singing more (in late 20s), I find I can't get higher than E without it breaks up and I squeak!

Would practice/training/a good singing teacher help get my range back up? Or is it age creeping in already? :-) Is it possible to get that kind of step in range with practice? And would different music (choral instead of folk) be better, maybe? Sounds like there's ppl there (like Alice) with more singing experience than I'm ever likely to see...