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Posted By: sophocleese
15-May-00 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: RE: Hitting the high notes
Vixen, it sounds as if you're unconsciously tensing your own throat in anticipation of her high singing. I sometimes strain at easy notes when singing along with the radio or a tape because the singer is straining and I pick up on that tone as well as the note. Try singing your part over and over again by yourself until you're doing it in your sleep and then try it with her again. Concentrate on your singing not on hers. Also notice hwere you and she are breathing in the piece, if you're following her breathing pattern and its uncomfortable develop another place to breath.

Little Neo, moonchild is right when she says that you're likely singing from the throat not your diaphragm. When you're trying to sing in the higher range make it as easy as possible on your throat. For practice up there don't sing while playing banjo, you may be hunching over a little, but stand up straight. Do not lift your chin to the ceiling that puts strain on the muscles. Try looking straight ahead and yawning, leave your mouth in that position and then sing a nice open vowel, ah or oh. Use that to head on up to the higher notes.