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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
15-May-00 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: Help: New Guitar but...
Subject: RE: Help: New Guitar but...
Got a number for Kaman, cat?? Or a good place for me to look?? And as far as how they sound, I've spent the last 17 years playing a satin finish, solid top, and I'm sorry to say but for accoustic sound, the proverbila 38 layers of shelack on this Tak just can't compair... Plugged in it sounds great though!!! {~`

Ta' Jeremie... but I've looked at the Harmony site, and all I can find are people in the same boat as I am! LOL!!!!

Toad... it was never my intendion that this turn into a "My Guitar Is Better Than Your Guitar" thread... it's a matter of personal preferance... But setting the EQ flat and only using 1 preset is like playing a one sting guitar at one fret... I want to explore what this thing can do... But I'm strange that way... I tweak my sound from song to song sometimes... depending on the room... Depending on the sound I want to achieve... It's all part of the show eh...

Ta' so far fer the help eh!