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Posted By: Toad
15-May-00 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Help: New Guitar but...
Subject: RE: Help: New Guitar but...
I must be kind of behind the times because I've never had anything to do with the 'presets' or anything that fancy on a Tak but my experience with Taks is that the ususally sound pretty good no matter where one sets the EQ. It's their preamp system that makes them sound that good.

I would suggest using one of the preamp settings that you like and then sticking with that. I've been in bands that use Taks for years and years and it's been my experience that they work best if you just set everything flat.

I know they are not a hand made guitar but they still gave the best pickup system for an acoustic guitar. I play a Larrivee with an EMG pickup and pre in it and my wifes 'little small bodied plywood maple top over laquer'd Tak' kicks the crap out of the Larrivee for sonic performance.