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Posted By: GUEST,moonchildatwork
15-May-00 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: RE: Hitting the high notes
Sore muscles are caused from singing from your throat and not from your diaphragm. Regardless of whether you're soprano or alto, baritone or bass, you must support the vocal chords by breathing through your diaphragm. In addition, if you will visualize the placement of the notes in your head and "sing" them from those spots, you will find that not only can you hit the notes but you will be right on pitch.

I never think of what is the highest note I can hit. Just because a singer can "hit" it doesn't mean they can sing it. Also, it depends on the type of venue. If you're in room with wood walls and ceiling, the acoustics can be wonderful and your voice will soar. If you are outside, with no acoustic shell, you won't be able to hear yourself sing.

To head off any rude remarks from catspaw ... went to get my first method of birth control when I was 18 (mind you, at that time I had been in voice training for 5 years). The doctor suggested a diaphragm or the pill. I declined the diaphragm because I couldn't figure out how breathing through my diaphragm was going to keep me from getting pregnant ... moonchild