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Posted By: Barry Finn
05-Mar-08 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Tall Ships Parade/Festival, pro/con???
Subject: Tall Ships Parade/Festival, pro/con???
The Tall Ships are coming to Boston in July of 2009. Hopefully they will get/have a better reception & presention than in the best.
I'd like to hear from others who've attended these types of festivities what they liked & disliked about them & what could be done to improve them.

Some of my gripes where/are
1) Accessability onto the vessels. In Boston in the past some of the smaller vessels were rafted up 3 deep to the dockside which made it difficult, impossible or dangerous to board. Even to the point where for public safety they've closed off some of the access ways to all but ship's crew. This also made it difficult for those vessels to earn "inport money" by not being able to showcase their wares or to take on paying passangers because they couldn't easily leave & return from their 'rafted' dockside spots.

2) A Polish vessel advertized a "free for the public" dockside concert & when they started up the beer tent they were tied up near started blasting rock & roll & made a mess of the concert. I don't know weither the concert was being held unknown to the orgianizers or not but for a vessel to be put along side of a beer tent that blasts anything at all hours was not cool.

3) I love the vessels but it seems that a good look is all the public gets out of it. A tour & then on to the next one. What's missing that other locations might have. I've seen or heard very little in the way of music, shipboard related activies or related cultural demo's/workshops/presentions such as ropework, ships-in-bottles, scrimshaw work, paintings, blacksmithing, etc. What do they offer at other locations?

4) I know that in Europe at music festivals they have what's called "Fringes" (side venues seperate from the main attractions??) which in not common to USA festivals. Is that something that's seen or used anywhere?

Now I'm not trying to say that here that "Sail Boston" hasn't done a good job it's just that I feel it could be so much more.

Thanks in advance for any & all comments