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Posted By: sophocleese
14-May-00 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: RE: Hitting the high notes
As with any other exercise practise can extend your abilities, within limits of course. You could try, after you are thoroughly warmed up, singing to the top of your range using simple exercises and then going for a half tone higher. Slowly approach the extension and if anything you do hurts, stop immediately and don't try it again. You may find that although you can hit the E flat the E is difficult but you can sometimes hit the F with accuracy. As your voice gets higher the breaks in your voice tend to get closer and closer together so particular high notes will land on the breaks and cause more difficulty than the notes between the breaks. Falsetto is a natural part of your range what you should aim for is a smooth transition between the falsetto and lower ranges.

Ranges for men and women vary greatly and so I, as a soprano, can hit an A with no difficulty and no real warm up but for many altos it would be more of a strain, but when I get below middle C my voice sounds like gravel when altos sound warm and clear.