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Posted By: Murray MacLeod
14-May-00 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Hitting the high notes
Subject: Hitting the high notes
I would be interested to know whether any singers have consciously set out to expand their vocal range, and been successful in the endeavour.

In the course of my (brief my most standards) performing career, the highest note which I can comfortably sustain has risen to E-flat,( maybe an E natural with a following wind) When I started I could just reach C-sharp. Is it realistic to expect that I can expand upwards? If so what exercises, techniques are available to help ? (Surgery is NOT an option !)

I would also be interested to know what is the highest note most of you can sing. From observation, the high note for most men appears to be D, and for women, A. I am sure however there are many who can exceed these parameters.