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Posted By: GUEST,Cath.
01-Mar-08 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: Child's Game: Elastics
Subject: RE: Child's Game: Elastics
Elastics used to be something everyone played... [Aus, Sydney]

Yeah, we used knickers elastics too, and it went from ankles, to knees, under-bums, hips, armpits then necks.

Some rhymes;

Jingle Jangle, inside outside, jingle jangle on. [You basically, straddle one side, bounce until you get to the next word. At inside outside, you do just that, jump inside then out side, continue the bouncing, then step on it.]

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Inside outside inside on. [Basically the same.]

Something called triangles where it required three people to hold the elastics to make a triangle, then others straddled the elastics and moved around. I'm not sure of this game as I haven't ever played it, but my sister has.

And then Chinese, just plain Chinese.
Jump on one side, the jump the other, jump off while swiveling in midair, hook the rope closest over the further one to make a triangle. The 'hooker' is usually the last person in a team to jump on and off the ropes, and 'hooks' the elastic while the team jumps in and out of the triangle. Then, the 'hooker' jumps out.
It gets more complicated as we got bored. Such as; no moving except for the jumps. No 'galloping' [both feet must land at the same time]. Jumps, then hops [you'd jump with both feet on the elastics, complete the stage then only hop]. Two feet, then one foot [both ankles, the one holding the elastics. From under-bums up, you'd turn sideways.] And various others I'v forgotten.

Then there's jump rope with 'Teddy Bear, teddy bear, turn around," etc.

My auntie Anna, plays the piana, 24 hours a day, SPLIT.

I've forgotten everything else..