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Posted By: katlaughing
11-May-00 - 02:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
PBS has been running a Nova series on new discoveries about the Vikings. I just saw part of a segment last night which was very interesting. You can find out more at

I especially found this to be of interest:

"Even with the advent of Christianity in the north, runes continued to appear on coffins, gravestones, and monuments, often side-by-side with more traditional Christian symbols. Like many of their contemporaries, the Norsemen Sven and Thorgot, who raised a runestone "in memory of Manni and Sveni; may God help their souls," had no problem using pagan symbols to replace the usual "may Thor hallow these Runes" with an appeal to the Christian God. The Norsemen continued the practice of mixing runes with Christian symbols until the 17th century, when the medieval church banned runes in an attempt to drive out all vestiges of superstition, paganism, and magic. Runes fell out of widespread use but did not disappear altogether, and in recent times the Vikings' enigmatic alphabet has had a resurgence at the hands of everyone from Nazis to New Agers."