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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-May-00 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ring-a-ring-of-roses
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ring-a-ring-of-roses
Oh, the Opie stuff is just too good. My scanner doesn't pick up all the non-English characters, but here's an approximation of the ending section:
Mother Goose, Kate Greenaway, 1881, 'Hush! hush! hush! hush! We're all tumbled down' / Shropshire Folk-Lore, C. S. Burne, 1883, 'One for Jack, and one for Jim, and one for little Moses - A-tisha! a-tisha! a-tisha!' also varia ending 'A curchey in, and a curchey out, And a curchey all together' / Newell, 1883, as quotes / Sheffield Glossary, S. 0. Addy, 1888, varia / Gomme, 1898, varia including 'Ring a ring o' roses, A pocket-full o' posies; One for me, and one for you, And one for little Moses - Hasher, Hasher, Hasher, all fall down' / Mother Goose, Arthur Rackham, 1913 / What the Children Sing, Alfred Moffat, 1915, 'A ring, a ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, Ash-a! Ash-a! All stand still. The King has sent his daughter To fetch a pail of water, Ash-a! Ash-a! All bow down. The bird above the steeple Sits high above the people, Ash-a! Ash-a! All kneel down. The wedding bells are ringing, And boys and girls are singing, Ash-a! Ash-a! All fall down' / Oral collection, 1947, as quote.

Cf. Folk-lore, 1882, 'Here we go round by ring, by ring, As ladies do in Yorkshire; A curtsey here, a curtsey there, A curtsey to the ground, sir' I Das deutsche Kinderbuch, Karl Simrock, 1848, 'Ringel, Ringel Reihe! Sind der Kinder dreie. Sitzen auf dem Holderbusch, Schreien alle musch musch musch: Sitzt nieder! Sitzt ne Frau im Ringelein, Mit sieben kleinen Kinderlein. Was essens gerne? Fischlein. Was trinkens gerne? Rothen Wein. Sitzt nieder!', also rhyme beginning 'Ringel Ringel Rosenkranz' / Alemannisches Kinderlied, E. L. Rochholz, 1857 / Reime derKinder in Oesterreich, 1. Vernaleben, 1873 / Chants Populaire du Languedoc, L. Lambert, 1906, 'Branle, calandre, La Fille d'Alexandre, La pêche bien mûre, La figue bien mûre, Le rosier tout fleuri, Coucou toupi! - En disant "coucou toupi", tous les enfants, qui forment la ronde, s'accroupissent' / American Folk Lore, 1897, Swiss, 'Randin, picotin, La Marie a fait son pain, Pas plus gros que son levain. Pugh! dans l'eau.' Last one down is it / Children's Games throughout the Year, L. Daiken, 1949, from County Donegal, 'Here we go round the Jingo Ring, Jingo Ring, Jingo Ring, Here we go round the Jingo Ring And the last pops down!' Also cf. the Gaelic 'Bulla! Bulla! Baisín, Ta'n bo sa gùirdín. Síos libh! !Síos libh! Éirigidh anois, Éirigidh! Déanam arís é. (Clap! Clap! Hands, The cow is in the garden. Down ye go! Down ye go! Get up now, get up! Let's do it again.)'

Parody: The Observer, 9 Jan. 1949, 'Ring-a-ring-o'-geranium, A pocket full of uranium, Hiro, shima, All fall down!'
-Joe Offer-