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Posted By: T in Oklahoma (Okiemockbird)
06-May-00 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
MAG, good for you. I don't recall ever claiming to be anything but an amateur historian, so of course there will be gaps and blind spots in my knowledge (and even a professional would have these to some extent.) So of course you should check up on me.

In your post of 25-Apr-00 - 01:17 PM, your use of the words "witchcraft persecutions" and your mention of the Malleus Maleficarum let me to conclude that your "orgy of sadism" referred to the deaths only of those who were put to death as witches (not as heretics) and only after the appearance of the Malleus Maleficarum. Apparently you meant to count heretics as well as witches, and to count prosecutions prior to the publication of the "Hammer of Witches" as well as those subsequent to it. I apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion. I'm still not sure about the nine million figure. I have so far not succeeded in tracing the computation in Trevor-Roper's (now Baron Dacre's) writings, but only two of his older books are so far available to me.