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Posted By: Mbo
05-May-00 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
The "chi rho" symbol has long been a symbol of Christianity as well, back to the 100's A.D., with the "x", the Greek Chi, the first letter of "Christ" meaning "anointed" and also as symbol of the Cross is the reason it was chosen, because of the duality between meaning and symbol. And WHY exactly do we Christians get the "xtians" of "tians". Are we more deserving of it? What about all "xiasm" and "xists" and "xems" and "xdus" and "xans"? Why can't we just leave everybody alone to believe what they want instead of dumbing down what we believe in the make other feel not offended. I'm not offended by anyone else's religion...if they want a giant Menorah in the town square, you'll get no complaining from me, in fact I'd enjoy it. If someone wants to pray to Allah or Buddha right there in public, I ain't gonna stop them, I'd encourage it. So why do I have to pretend like my religion is somehow less worthy of respect? We all have our nasty past histories....we can't we all just be happy and respect what other believe as well as what we do?