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Posted By: The Shambles
05-May-00 - 07:35 AM
Thread Name: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
Subject: RE: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
I suppose you could say that the very best writers, don't use clichés, they create them.

Having said that I feel that they do have a place in song and can be used to great effect. If only sometimes, only as a point of reference, as a hook, chorus or title. To do it well though, you have to be aware first of course, that they are clichés.

His strength for me is for that combination of words and music that make all the great songs. You hear a line where that combination is so right, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It is as if that line has always been there. Original and timeless, and at the same time.

I think 'Waltzing For Dreamers' is a good example of this, instant familiarity.

'King Of Bohemia' also. Incidentally, I have read somewhere that this song should have been called 'Jack Straw's Castle', but the former Hampstead pub, was preferred, in the end. Could be complete rubbish though?

At the moment it looks like '1952, Vincent Black Lightning' has the 'speed' and is just ahead of 'Beeswing, which is now 'flying', ahead of a significantly large field of over thirty songs!!

Ah!… "Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme".