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Posted By: GUEST,me
04-May-00 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
well then, that would mean "jesus christ" is equivalent to "vinnie the shiv"?

if we asked the albegensians, they'd give a resounding "yes", and so would my great aunt.

i'm beginning to love this thread. as to historical references... all should be taken with a cup of salt.

rome insisted that the state religion be worshipped along with whatever other religion you chose to enjoy. since xtians refused to participate in this legal requirement, they tended to be prosecuted as criminals.

someone referenced the witch hunts, or "the burning time"... irrespective of the numbers that were/were not burned/flayed/broken on the wheel/etc, it has become axiomatic in the pagan community of which my family has been a part for centuries that "the fire is never far away".

i bear no ill will towards you or your beliefs, Mario, but your kind has never been friend to me or mine, nor to the earth, nor to all that lives. you are apart from the cycles and deny the very evidence of your senses.

i quoted Dominic Guzman, who was sainted for his accomplishments: killing lots of albegensians founding the Holy Office (Inquisition) founding the Dominican Order to staff the Holy Office. like giving hitler the nobel prize for bringing "peace" to 25 milliard souls.

Have a good day