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Posted By: Big Mick
03-Jan-08 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
Subject: RE: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
Bonnie, "Erstwhile" is just an old member with an axe to grind. The snide comments are dead giveaways. I wouldn't associate these comments with anyone.

...and, to address your comment, I agree. 'A Mighty Wind' has its moments, but at some point it just got boring. That is always a danger in parody, as well as satire. A good one, in these genres, causes you to go back and watch it again and again, each time finding something else to chuckle about. I own this DVD, am glad I do. But I wasn't left with the need to go back and rewatch it. It just wasn't that deep, or clever.

...and Erstwhile, perhaps its because your life lacks meaning and your view of your talent is greater than others who simply find you amusing, that you find the need to try and take shots at folks trying to make a difference? I have seen many folks that attempt to gain self worth (smugness??) by attacking the motives of others. Think about it. I won't be responding to you anymore, in this thread. You are attempting to hijack it, due to that axe needing grinding.