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Posted By: Anne Lister
03-Jan-08 - 07:13 AM
Thread Name: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
Subject: RE: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
I don't know .. I get the impression from some posts on this thread that some of you are taking the film way too seriously. We saw it on its first release and loved it, as did the cinema audience, and bought the DVD to re-watch. My husband, with no folk music history in his life, finds it as funny as I do, so it's not important for the humour to be able to identify who the characters might or might not be based on. What do we find funny? First and foremost, the lyrics to the songs, which are brilliantly awful. Secondly, some of the discussions within the theatre about the set-up - I'm sure I've been present at some of these myself. Third - the overall notion of the acts, and however true to real and identifiable people they may or may not be I'm sure I've met all of them at some point in my career. I have even been made to sit on straw bales to sing for a tv show (ouch).
We used "A kiss at the end of the rainbow" as our contribution to our wedding ceilidh, but of course the problem was that very few people realised it was meant to be a cheesy parody so it slightly mis-fired!
But all of the Chris Guest output is similarly bitter-sweet - we've just watched "For Your Consideration", which has even fewer belly laughs but which was well worth seeing, if only to wonder just how true it is to the way things happen in the movie world. None of his films make us chuckle all the way through, not even Spinal Tap - it's more like Ricky Gervais with "The Office" and "Extras", which is why he fitted really well into "For Your Consideration". It's the kind of vision that can make you squirm with embarrassment as much as laugh uproariously.
There's still room for a better movie, if anyone wants to make it ...