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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Jan-08 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
Subject: RE: 'A Mighty Wind' on Irish TV tonight TG4
Yes, Don, I would tend to agree. ;-) But they were kind enough to skewer it in a rather gentle fashion, weren't they?

As to which version of any specific song that someone (anyone) thinks is "the right" version......! Well, that's a totally subjective thing. It usually means

"The way I heard it first...which is, of course, the right way to do the song. Any fool can see that!"   (grin)

The stuff one hears in one's teens and early 20's is usually the stuff that fairly much sets one's taste for life. I think you'll find that is true with most people, and that's why one generation usually has a bit of trouble or a lot of trouble fully appreciating another generation's favorite music.

For instance, my Dad loved Big Band music, and I basically can't stand it. I hear a bunch of those horns blaring and it just hurts my ears. Nor do I like Sinatra one bit (though I do recognize his talent). Nor do I like most Jazz much. The reason? Well, they came from a previous era, and they seemed not to express what I was interested in, that's all, whereas Dylan, Baez, et all DID express exactly what I was interested in, and deeply so. It's a shift in cultural viewpoint that occurs, and it's reflected in changing musical styles and changing expectations.

That doesn't mean that Dylan or Baez's music was any better than jazz or Big Band or Sinatra...or that there would be any use trying to even make such a was just that I could relate better to their music, due to the moment, the time, and who I was at the time. And the effect, of course, has endured, as a love of Big Band music endured for my Dad.

People's chauvinism can be seen when they assert that ONLY the style of music they like is any good...they seemingly have no idea how fickle and subjective their tastes in things really are when they make such assertions.