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Posted By: PoppaGator
17-Dec-07 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Review: Phil Ochs and the FBI
Subject: RE: Review: Phil Ochs and the FBI
Has anyone here pursued their own info via the Freedom of Information Act? I'd be interested in how it went for you.

While I was never nearly so important or famous as someone like Phil Ochs, I was a fairly high-profile antiwar/draft-resistance activist at a prominent church-affiliated university for a while, and I know absolutely that both the FBI and CIA were keeping track of my movements at least for a couple of years (1996-72). The extent of their interest and depth of their meddling have never been clear, and I've had different opinions at different times, varying with how paranoid I might have been feeling at a given moment.

So, off and on over the ensuing decades, I have occasionally thought about requesting my files, but have never gone to the trouble to follow through and actually file a request. Maybe I should do so while I'm still sucking air; who knows? ~ maybe my kids would be interested in "what I did in during the war."

At worst, maybe I'd learn that those assholes are still wasting taxpayer money bugging me (in every sense of the word). Perhaps not wanting to know any such thing is what's kept me from looking too closely up til now.