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Posted By: Rowan
14-Dec-07 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Subject: RE: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Usually, if the post does not 'take', you will not see the thread you posted to come to the, if you hit 'back', you should see your post still there, as you typed it. Highlight it, copy it to the clipboard, then go forward and reload Mudcat! Then go to your thread and re-submit it. I have never had it fail when I do this.

(I use Opera & Firefox, and they retain the typing in past history pages until you close the browser)

Bill, the same trick also works in Safari.

my bottom bar shows a "Done but with errors on page" (in IE7).
John, I too have noticed such messages (occasionally) in the same place (again, on Safari) but it hasn't been associated with any delays. Then again, I'm behind a serious firewall and on broadband, so am unlikely to experience dialup problems.

About the "nazi" Google ads: The selection of two ads to be displayed at the bottom of a thread is obviously made by some computer program ("bot"?) that picks up clues from that particular thread's text.
PoppaGator (and others), I suspect there is also a regional determinant influencing which Google ads are selected to appear on each thread. At the time of this posting (Sataurday afternoon in Oz) the ads are "Learn to use the secret" (no other info and I'm not interested in pursuing it) and "Face skin suture lift" with an Oz Freecall phone number (but ditto).

I've not noticed any Nazi or white supremacist ads but I tend to have a blind spot that means I don't see ads much of the time anyway. On top of that, Australia has legislation against behaviour tending to vilify ethnic or religious groups and such ads might fall foul of Oz legislation. I'll keep an eye out for them in future.

Cheers, Rowan