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Posted By: PoppaGator
14-Dec-07 - 02:37 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Subject: RE: Mudcat Troubleshooting
I've only rarely had a post disappear after typing and submitting. What a bummer when it does happen! I've never tried to recover ~ like Joe, I generally chalk it up to fate or karma or whatever. (Almost anything I ever write is something I might later think better of.)

About the "nazi" Google ads: The selection of two ads to be displayed at the bottom of a thread is obviously made by some computer program ("bot"?) that picks up clues from that particular thread's text. I've noticed several times over the years ~ not just here at Mudcat ~ that mention of "Irish" and/or "Celtic" is very often interpreted as "white/Caucasian," and more specifically, as white-supremist. Of course, people of Irish/Celtic descent are generally white, but our attitiudes towards fellow humans of other genetic heritages vary greatly among indiviudals. Some few are undoubtedly racists, but it should not be assumed that every paleface of northern European descent is necessarily a potential recruit for the KKK.