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Posted By: T in Oklahoma (Okiemockbird)
02-May-00 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
Penny, I hope you find some way of posting those pictures.

FYI Churches are not dedicated to Saint Mary Maudlin or any other saint. Churches are "dedicated" to God alone, though they may be named in honor of a saint. Many people nowadays use the word very loosely, however.

Rex D says, "A lot of Irish folk would staunchly affirm they are Christian, but believe in leprechauns as well." Why "but" ? That many Christian moralists and reformers in the past might have said the same thing doesn't require us to take it at face value in our reading of history of popular culture.

JZG, Robin Lane Fox's book Pagans and Christians may be the sort of thing you are looking for. I have not yet read this book (a lack which I hope soon to correct) but the book is recommended by those whose judgement I trust.