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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Dec-07 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Subject: RE: Mudcat Troubleshooting
Not really a problem, but I've seen numerous instances when the Google ad, especially the one at the bottom of the page shows an "Unable to open" or "file not found" and sometimes a "401 error" in the ad box. Since these come from "off-site" and are managed by "others," mudcat has little control over the reliability of the connection to the ad insert.

On some other sites, I've seen the page that's wanted fail to load when the ads load first and one or more ads fail. The whole connection just fails. MSNBC is a prime example, since they load about 1.9 MB (it seems) of ad junk before they give you the 3 KB article.

On some other sites, I've seen an extreme delay in finishing the download before the page appears, apparently due to searching for the missing ad link before going to - or completing - the site's own page.

Often in such cases, my bottom bar shows a "Done but with errors on page" (in IE7). This particular error could be something that would cause a mudcat slowdown that people with a faster connection might notice; although with my dial-up it's hard to tell.