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Posted By: JohnInKansas
05-Dec-07 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mysterious Message - Gruetopia
Subject: RE: BS: Mysterious Message - Gruetopia
Many years ago, as far as my experience is concerned, at least a few large corporations (you didn't get much bigger than GM then, but that's changed some) had a "management tool" consisting of a "letter" written in unintelligible non-words but structured so that they might form sentences and paragraphs, especially if from an ESL writer. (They may be still using it, for all I know.)

In the form used in Engineering departments, there was just enough "sense" - perhaps - to this letter to give the appearance that the writer had made some great scientific or tecnological discovery and might be attempting to communicate his willingness to "share it with Big Company."

The explanation always was "The Admin Dept has received this and can't decide if something should be done about it. Can you figure out anything from it?"

Of course the correct answer to "can you figure out anything from it?" was "No;" but it actually was intended to be a test of how you - perhaps as a potential(?) "manager" - would "handle" something with no obvious "traditional responses." You were thus expected to "take some action" and to "evaluate proper procedures" and - perhaps - find some other sucker to whom you could "delegate" the creation of a response, all probably without wasting a lot of otherwise productive time at the office(?).

As only a raving lunatic would construct a test of this kind, it's almost impossible for a "competent" person to figure out what kind of response would "get the best result," even given that most were able to figure out what it was and what the purpose was in the first quick scan of the material.

From observation of the management at the three separate places where I've seen this little "quiz," perhaps verification of a "total absence of competence" was a particular managerial quality they were looking for; but I never saw the "answer sheet," so I can't suggest an acceptable resonse that will get you into a promotion.

But you say it was "handed to you by the manager" ...? ? ?