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Posted By: curmudgeon
03-Dec-07 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Mysterious Message - Gruetopia
Subject: BS: Mysterious Message - Gruetopia
Last Friday, upon arriving at the Press Room, I was handed a letter by the manager. It was addressed to: The Press Room Bar, Attn: Chanty Night. The contents were most bizarre.

"Gruetopian - A believer in the idea that the perfect place for fencers, paintball, nerf gunners,fast draw shootouts, mystery theatre meals, pictographic phone spys, tennisball bombard duels, and live adventure wargames combined with the great and powerful Grue." (all in caps)

There were some other equally meaningful words and phrases and a cartoon of sorts.

Enclosed was a cutout fish with the message: 007, Walt's Grand Fromange and Mariner Floating Bank of Herenlaw Freehold (L.A.W.) Bank Note.

A Google search for "Gruetopia" yielded few results except that thre seems to be a connection to the SCA and Piratz Tavern in Siver Spring, MD.

The letter was sent in folded paper as opposed to an envelope and postmarked "Suburban Maryland 208"

Has anyone else recieved anything similar? O have any idea what this is all about?

Thanks in advance for your help - Tom