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Posted By: Charlie Baum
27-Nov-07 - 12:03 AM
Thread Name: Hebrew/ Yiddish/ Ladino songs
Subject: RE: Hebrew/ Yiddish/ Ladino songs
"The Hebrew letter 't' should NOT be pronounced as 's', if you are singing a Hebrew song. That is the Yiddish variant and sounds very nasty. For singing Yiddish songs that's a different matter. "

It actually depends on the nature of the song, rather than the language (Hebrew/Yiddish). If it's a Sephardic melody, or a modern Israeli song, then the "t" sound is appropriate, but if it's an old European song (and anything before 1948 and the founding of Israel qualifies as 'old'), then it would have originally been sung with an Ashkenazic accent, and "s" is appropriate.

The Ashkenazic/Sephardic tav/sov is just the beginning of the accent games you can play. You can use various dialects that distinguish between khaf and khet, aleph and 'ayin (with a glottal stop), tav and tet, or even the ghimel and gimel, depending on where your song is from and your own linguistic/phonological mimicry capabilities,

--Charlie Baum