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Posted By: katlaughing
26-Nov-07 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: Jack Hudson - video clips
Subject: RE: Jack Hudson - video clips
Thanks for the clarification/explanation.

I hope Jack will not take it personally. From my experience working at a non-profit center for the arts and also promoting my brother's classical music and songs, which are all REALLY great music, it is a real uphill battle to get booked into anywhere unless the stars are all aligned or things reach critical mass or something hits just right. It's the same when I send a manuscript out to a publisher, only that's even more of a crap shoot, imo.It is easier nowadays with email, youtube, etc., though!

On the other end, when we closed the center where I worked, I took home boxes of tapes and LPs from artists who had sent them in over the years, hoping for a booking. We just never had the money or times to afford or schedule them, plus there was always considering what the accountant had to say. We had to justify bringing someone in with how much we thought they'd bring in in revenue.

The main thing to remember, which I have read over and over by people of success, and I don't mean just monetary success, is one has to be persistent, to continue to do as much as possible.(My sales manager used to tell us the advert customer hadn't said "no" for real until they literally kicked us out the door!) I would add the caution that it works better if it is what you love to do. My brother is obsessed and compelled to compose and is a very unhappy person. I do not believe he loves to compose at all, it's just what he has always felt he had to be, from early childhood. Maybe he's got Suffering Artist's Complex? **bg** (No offence meant to any one!)

Anyway, I wish Jack much success and if I can ever trace my Hudsons back form Virginia to England, where we know they were, maybe I can even greet him as "cuz!"

All the best,