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Posted By: Barry Finn
20-Nov-07 - 02:41 AM
Thread Name: Origins: The Rose of Allendale / Allandale
Subject: RE: Origins: The Rose of Allendale
I find it a little guestionable believing it was written in 1835. It's been found in the journals of 3 ships, the Cortes 1847, the Euphrasia 1849 & the Minervat 1851. Mary's Cot which Huntington calls a traditional version (to me it reads like a cross between the Rose Of Allendale & Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy) was found in the journal of the Nauticon 1848. The Beacon Light is curiously similar in feel & style & that was found in the journal of the Frances Henrietta 1835, admittingly this is a long shot though. Could it be that the song was around before Charles Jeffreys & he put it to paper after refitting out a traditional version to his own liking. I only have doubts because to have 3 close versions & 1 no so close version found on 4 diffent ships journals in a day & age where the means of music traveling were not like they are today. Though I suppose that if the song were hugely popular at the time just after it was written sailors would be on avenue to spreading the popularity of it. Still 12-15 yrs I guess it could spread that quickly.