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Posted By: skarpi
28-Apr-00 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
Hallo all, Hmmmmmmmmm I dont know what to say a it seams to me that some of you do not like PAGAN or a Heathendom. Well here in iceland we have a little group witch we can call heathen, and I know something about the Icelandichistory and this year we are holding a selebration of christian faith for 1000 years. Well I am christian soul, but I am not gonna go and take a part of this show.The heathen group is going to have their ,we can call it a heathen mass few days before the christian does, and that is great for them. If my justment is wrong about what you all have been talking about I am sorry I am not writing this to hurt anybody, at the end I will write this : Wheather you are christian,Pagan,catholic,Islam or jew I respect all of you and your religion as I hope you all do for mine.In Iceland today people are leeaving the christian church more now than ever and maybe thats something to worry about.Where do this people go, well some go to the catholic church and some of them went to small religion groups.So here In the once was a heathen land and still are, all the people are free to go where ever they want to be. I thing that the people of the Earth have to learn to respect eachother faith. May god be with you all, all the best skarpi Iceland.