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Posted By: MMario
27-Apr-00 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: More pagan stuff
Subject: RE: BS: More pagan stuff
RE: bert's comments on the rose and the briar....I can see how it can be interpreted as pagan influence, though I can also see how it can be interpreted as merely poetic imagery. Unless we find some way of speaking to the person who first composed that lyric there is really no way we can tell....

*grin* I once had the wierd experience of having someone dissect and analyze a paper who gushed and raved and marveled over the "earth mother, polytheistic images," etc, and so forth. (This was in a presentation to a literature class) When it came time for open discussion, I asked if possibly the author hadn't had various christian practices and images in mind when the piece was written and was quite pointedly told that it was not remotely possible. The presenter went on at some length in order to convince me that I was wrong, and that they were right.

What I never told them was that I had written the piece in question. (The facilitator for the group did know, and had quite a chuckle over the whole affair) At the time I didn't consider it to be the least bit funny, though I do get a chuckle out of it now.

My point...personal viewpoints can colour perception.