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06-Nov-07 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Black Irish: Etymological Consensus?
Subject: RE: Folklore: Black Irish: Etymological Consensus?
I've been busy OK? Is no one on this thread aware of the DNA studies
over the past decade? The Y-chromosome studies all indicate that Ireland and Britain were colonized after the last Ice Age by folks from the Basque country. The "haplotype" is called R1b and except for Leinster is present in over 90% of Irish males in the other three provinces. Leinster is 72% possibly due to Anglo-Normans. Could that explain why almost half of Irish people are dark haired?
In my experience most Irish are bemused by all this Spanish Armada business and just let the Yanks spout their "knowledgeable ignorance" about the subject. (Probably wondering why the subject is even thought about.) In case some Irish people haven't noticed, according to Americans, everyone in Ireland is redheaded; and if they aren't something is fishy.
Over 90% of Irish people are fair skinned, although there are some a little darker in the Midlands (descended from Welsh-Norman stock?) Dark hair is not confined to the west coast but is found throughout the island.
The book "Ireland: Graveyard of the Spanish Armada" by Kilfeather chronicles the events and refutes the Armada survivors theory.
There are dark-haired Icelanders of Irish descent who pre-date the Armada. An anthropological study of Ireland was conducted by Harvard University (Hooton)in the 1950s so the info is there if someone is interested. The DNA evidence also contradicts Mr Quinn.
It was my impression that a troll is someone who justs wants to stir up things, not someone who actually contributes something.