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Posted By: AndyG
26-Apr-00 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: News of the day
Subject: RE: BS: News of the day
Given that none of us can know the future, merely predict it, all times will seem to be, to those present, periods of Historical Mediocraty.

Key points can be recognised but many historical movements have their beginings in small events that are hard to spot from current knowledge.

The Berlin Wall coming down is a clear symbol of the end of the Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe. (Photographs will be used in the historical accounts.) However, I suspect that's all it will be for future historians. The key event(s) that made it happen will be found in some Kremlin/CP archive and it's importance recognised later. (Paragraphs will be written in historical accounts.)

You can learn from history but you can't see it happen.

Andy "always oversimplify" G