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Posted By: Betsy
28-Oct-07 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: Martin HD 28
Subject: RE: Martin HD 28
I've just come back in tonight and overwhelmed with the replies - Don I don't honestly know what Mini Schallers are , so forgive me.
I'll send a PM to Georgie Porgie.
Thanks to "Giok" - that's geographically possible.
Thanks to Roj, vanlingle and Mudchick, I'm taking every bit of advice on board.
Thanks to Seaking, but as Richard pointed out Colchester is not an easy trip. Also Richard in trying to be helpful and I can feel his
concern as asked me more questions than I can answer only to say Richard,that the "click" does occur on the 3rd string which can't be eradicated by nail file on the nut to assist the angel of string entrance.I can also pull every pin from it's hole with my fingers they're not jammed in .
Thanks also to bobad, bubblyrat, redsnapper and Bru and hope we all took on board what Richard said... "Martin treat non-US purchasers as second class citizens and does not give them the lifetime warranty that US first purchasers get".
I'll get there in the end ,it really is the most beautiful thing you have ever played - when IT feels like it then it leaves me after a few minutes.
Apart from all the intelligent advice you have all given - you wouldn't believe how many duff opinions I have been given about this and that - and I've been playing for 40 years !! so I DO value everything you have all written
Thanks again to all - hope I didn't miss anyone, and will keep you all abreast of the outcome.