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Posted By: Sky Sailor
20-Oct-07 - 07:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Canute (Oldham Tinkers)
This version appears in Mike Harding's Collection of Folk Songs Of Lancashire. (Whitehorn press, ISBN 0 9506055 3 0)

I have added the chords that I use.
The Calico Printer's Clerk

In [G]Manchester, that city of [C]cotton [G]twists and [D]twills,
There [C]lived the subject [G]of my song, the [D]cause of all my [D7]ills.
She was [C]handsome, young and [G]twenty and her [D]eyes were azure [D7]blue.
Ad[G]mirers she had [C]plenty and her [D7]name was Dorothy [G]Drew.

She was [C]very fond of [G]dancing, but [C]allow me to remark,
[G]One fine day she [C]danced away with the [D7]calico printer's [G]clerk.

At a private ball I met her in 1863,
I never can forget her, though she proved unkind to me.
I was dressed in pink of fashion, my lavender gloves were new
And I danced the Valse Circasian with charming Dorothy Drew.

We Schottisched and we Polka'd to the strains the band did play
We Waltzed and we Mazurka'd, til she Valsed my heart away
I whispered in this fashion as round the room we flew
Doing the Varsovinia, "I love you, Dorothy Drew."

For months and months attention unto her I did pay,
'Til with her condescension, she led me quite astray;
For the money I expended, I'm ashamed to tell to you
I'll inform you how it ended with myself and Dorothy Drew.

I received an intimation she a visit meant to pay
Unto a near relation, who lived some miles away
In a month she'd be returning, I must make a short adieu
But her love for me was burning, oh, deceitful Dorothy Drew!

At nine o'clock next morning, to breakfast I sat down
The smile, my face adorning, soon turned into a frown
For in the morning paper, a paragraph met my view
That Jones, the calico printer's clerk, had married Dorothy Drew.