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Posted By: bobad
14-Oct-07 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
Subject: RE: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
"A liberal morality will encourage much greater creativity but will weaken social structure and deplete social capital," he said. "I am really glad we have New York and San Francisco most of our creativity comes out of cities like these. But a nation that was just New York and San Francisco could not survive very long. Conservatives give more to charity and tend to be more supportive of essential institutions like the military and law enforcement."

From an article entitled Is 'Do Unto Others' Written Into Our Genes? wherein the author Jonathan Haidt, a moral psychologist at the University of Virginia, posits that to a large extent our sense of morality has an evolutionary source rather than a religious or philosophical one. His research has found that liberals tended to attach greater weight to moral systems protective of individuals whereas conservatives favoured moral systems that protect the group, those of loyalty, respect for authority and purity.

A link takes you to the Moral Foundations Questionnaire which tells you where you fall on the liberal-conservative spectrum.

My scores of

Harm 4.9
Fairness 3.8
Loyalty 1.9
Authority 2.4
Purity 1.4

place me slightly more liberal than the average liberal, which I would agree with.