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Posted By: astro
13-Oct-07 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
Subject: RE: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
I think that all of this is besides the point, is global warming real or not. It's obvious something is warming sufficiently to cause the meltoff that we see.

So is it human caused or not. Perhaps. If so, isn't it sufficient to cause us to take action? It is. If not, the rest of the world will invest into the green revolution. Is it wise to take part in that? Yes, even to those who are only profit motivated.

So what do we do? We lead. We invest. With that, both sides will be happy, the liberal and the conservative. The better good and the better profits will both occur. Makes all happy.

I'm tired of the discussion of who is the most right. It can get in the way of doing what is right. Worse, it can make us do the wrong thing just so we won't agree with the other side. It's time to get pass this red-blue thing and do what is wise.

Astro in Tucson...