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Posted By: astro
13-Oct-07 - 03:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
Subject: RE: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
It seems that stubbornness takes the place of common sense. Let's say for argument sake that global warming is a completely natural event, which the majority of the scientific community dissents with (speaking as one from that community), it still is true that most of the world views it as not.

Thus, governments are legislating the use of environmentally friendly materials, systems, and policy. It would be very bad policy on our part not to take part in this new economy.

Besides, what do we end up with: less environmental pollution, efficient energy systems thus leading to less dependence, and a show of prudence that would help our children and the world that they will inherit. Or, we can stupidly burn the resources that we are currently using regardless of the consequences. Only to win an argument.

Which is wiser? My bet and vote would be with Mr. Gore. Certainly not with those who are only concerned with that bet.

And besides, what if you are wrong and the effects of global warming are related to human interactions with the environment? It's time to be prudent and wise. Time to stop wanting to win just an argument and think better about the economies involved. Our children and their children's lives depend upon our wise decisions now.