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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
12-Oct-07 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
Subject: RE: BS: Well Done, Mister Gore!
John on the Sunset Coast sez:

The prize doesn't make him right...only politically correct.

Google articles regarding man-made global warming and you will find hundreds of articles of scientific dissent.

Generally you don't go to Google for peer reviewed scientific articles. They are behind logon portals for member libraries and individual subscribers. Sometimes they're even printed on paper where Google can't reach them. Wikipedia doesn't count as a source of good science, even though some of the essays might be accurate for a few minutes at a time, before naysayers purge or adulterate them.

Park your Hummer, pull your weeds by hand instead of spraying with noxious chemicals, wash your clothes instead of dry cleaning, recycle, buy organic fruits and veggies, plant a tree, put in a few solar panels, and you, too, can help reduce greenhouse gases.