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Posted By: The Sandman
16-Sep-07 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Subject: RE: Folklore: The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Ruth your point about Hallerton hare pie and bottle kicking,and starting it somewhere else is interesting.
all Traditions were started by someone at sometime,and get altered and changed along the way,lets take PADSTOW HOBBY HOSS,Is it exactly the same as when it first started,were there always two osses?.how original is the merry making?has the merry making changed?has their been input to merry making from outsiders?
There may not be any point[debatable] to starting the same traditions Somewhere else,but there is no logical reason why you shouldnt start another tradition on your village green.
If we think of customs in the same way as traditional songs[they were all written by someone at sometime,and often have acquired new verses over the years and are living and changing]customs were started at some time,some are older than others, [Guyfawkes is comparitively recent]they can also change and grow.
The point of starting a tradition on your village green,[regardless of whether it is acopy of someone elses]is that you will, if it is successful, draw people to your area[you may not think that an advantage]More Importantly you will start to create a community spirit,through the community activity of the tradition.,youmay also if you introduce folk music to a wider audience if you are successful
There is no logical reason, WHY new traditions should not be started.