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Posted By: Folkiedave
15-Sep-07 - 07:27 PM
Thread Name: Bronson tunes - Child Ballads
Subject: RE: Bronson tunes - Child Ballads
I currently have a set of Child - which when I get back from holiday, will go on sale on ebay and then if not sold to a book auction.

If anyone is well enough off to want a copy - published 1882 - 1898 limited edition of 1,000 and in good condition - PM me.

It falls into the category of "If you ask the price you can't afford it"- but to mudcatters - around 1200.00 delivered UK.

I have sold 5 (five) sets of Bronson over the past year or so and each purchaser has been delighted (I think!!)

It sells for around 750 - 900.00 depending upon condition.

And before anyone mentions it - every single copy of Bronson I have sold has gone to a person I personally know will make good use of it.

I have never come across a purchaser in this area of expensive books who is not a musician or a singer.

Despite what people say - there is a minute market of people who hoard books for investment purposes - and speaking as a specialist book dealer I have never met anyone who does that with books about folk music. J.K. Rowling yes, Bertrand H. Bronson - no.