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Posted By: Little Hawk
03-Sep-07 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
Subject: RE: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
Yes, that's true, Pete...going by what they knew at the time there would have been very few, if any among them, who had an expectation that slavery would be rendered economically unviable not too far in the future. It's just like there would have been very few among us in 1984 who thought the Soviet Union would collapse. People don't generally see what's coming, they live in the consciousness of what they are accumstomed to.

So as you say, perhaps Lincoln did do his best in a bad situation.

As for Grant.... The Vicksburg campaign was a tough one. Grant was not the type to quit, and that's what made him so valuable for the North. He just kept grinding on. Given his great superiority in manpower and munitions, that was what was needed to win....simply a man who wouldn't quit when the going got tough. And it sure got tough!

Sherman and Sheridan were also extremely effective commanders with similar tenacity.