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Posted By: Ron Davies
03-Sep-07 - 07:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
Subject: RE: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
Interesting that all these whites can blithely make the statement that slavery was on the way out in 1861. Perhaps some of you would like to tell blacks how much longer you think they should have waited. Also perhaps you'd like to explain to the rest of us untutored masses why, if slavery was on its way out in 1861, the South seemed for some reason--rather strongly--- to believe that Northern attempts to restrict the spread of slavery were unreasonable. We can see with our wonderful 20/20 hindsight that an industrially based economy was obviously the wave of the future. But "on its way out" is a singularly meaningless phrase without a time line as to when it would be "out". Bush has been "on his way out" since January 2001. But he's managed to cause an amazingly amount of disaster anyway. I wonder how that happened.

And if Lincoln was not a great war leader, exactly what was wrong with his policy of removing military leaders if they did not win, until, as he said of Grant, as I recall, "He wins battles"?