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Posted By: Little Hawk
31-Aug-07 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
Subject: RE: BS: history of USA Presidential elections...
(I doubt that he would tell me. The official record says he shot Wallace simply because he wanted to be famous. They say he was figuring to shoot either Nixon or Wallace, but he had a chance at Wallace, so he took it. Whether this is all true...who knows? I certainly can't say if I do.)

Anyway..... This is incredible! Look at the results of the crucial 1860 election, just before the Civil War. 4 parties, 4 candidates for President. Lincoln wins with the Republicans because the other 3 parties basically split their share of the vote between themselves while the Republicans walk away with the prize.

As usual in the USA system when there are more than 2 parties in the race, the main party that has no competing lesser party that would tend to steal some of its votes wins. This is not very reflective of the overall wishes of the majority of fact, it is quite the contrary. A minority view defeats the majority, and forms the government.

The vital thing to do if you want to win an election in the USA or Canada is to make sure that your general constituency (assuming it's a large one) is united, and is not split into 2 or more parties.

This goes directly against the genuine workings of what can properly be termed "representative democracy" and it allows minority viewpoints to establish majority governments. The Republicans are well aware of this, and that is why they cynically arrange for their friends to make campaign contributions to outfits like the Green Party. ;-) They know it will take votes away from the Democrats.

What the Democrats clearly need to do is somehow find a rabidly right wing 3rd or 4rth party that makes the Republicans look liberal and godless in comparison...!!! Call it the "Liberty Party". Then syphon lots of Democratic money quietly to the Liberty Party, and the Republicans will go down like the Titanic, only faster...Heh!

It's not a good way of setting up elections if you want a real democracy. It is a good way of maintaining the power of well-organized and cleverly managed political oligarchies.