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Posted By: Kev The Clogs
22-Aug-07 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Off to Broadstairs...
Subject: RE: Off to Broadstairs...
Not long been back from Broadstairs (came straight from a week in Sidmouth) and am in need of a complete rest!!!

I love going to Broastairs, because it is a whole week with my Morris side where we can all let our hair down and have some fun. However, comparing, the Folk aspects of the two festivals, Sidmouth wins hands down!! There is so much, planned and fringe, that goes on in Sidmouth. Broadstairs, to me, seems to be a series of pub gigs for a set list of groups (all of which are good) - but where is the space for the "serious folkie" to just drift from session to session, playing a bit here, singing a bit there? From early morning, to late at night? The evening concerts were great- Bellowhead and Shooglenifty were especially fantastic.

As for accompanied "unaccompanied" singing, I agree with BB's comments. I've only been singing for three years, and there are still times when I feel nervous when its my turn. I practise and practise and practise my songs - and they are all unaccompanied. I'd love to be good enough to twiddle along with another instrument player or two, but - the voice is an instrument SO personal, that as BB says, when an instrument player twiddles along with me, I often have to fight so hard to sing the song MY way, the way I learnt it! Most of the time, I manage to control it, but on occasions, I can hear, so I'm sure Joe Public can hear, a strange mixture of sounds which coul lead to the unknowing thinking that it was THE SINGER who is out of sink!!! I am only happy with a few people accompanying me - Don T (WYSIWIG), Richard Bridge, The Barden and a couple of others. Subtlty and LISTENING to the singer are the key!!

Phew, I think that is the first time that I've had a moan on Mudcat!!