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Posted By: HouseCat
21-Aug-07 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Tag (the game)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Tag (the game)
We played "Devil In The Ditch" - you had to have a good-sized ditch, which we did. The "devil" stood at the bottom of the ditch and the poor souls he was trying to steal ran back and forth across the ditch as fast as they could as the devil tried to tag them. First one tagged was the new devil. Our ditch had steep sides and we had lots of skinned knees but it was great fun.
We also played "Colored Eggs" which required a wolf, a hen, and an assortment of chicks. Each chick secretly chose a color. The wolf came and KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKED on the door. The hen answered with, "What do you want?" and the wolf replied, "I want to buy some colored eggs!"
"What color?" the hen would ask, and the wolf would start naming colors until he called one that a chick had chosen. Said chick would then take off running around the yard until it was either tagged by the wolf or made it safely back to the hen. The most fun was trying to think of colors so rare (from the Crayola box) that the wolf would never think of them. Last chick standing won, or if the wolf got them all, he won.
Both were played in the 60's and before, in rural Alabama.