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Posted By: Viracocha
21-Aug-07 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Tag (the game)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Tag (the game)
Thanks everyone.

I never played Queenie - but few of us wore skirts past a certain age (and the school was mixed).

We didn't have freeze-tag, but if people stood too long on "dell", we counted down from ten. At zero, we could jump on dell and grab anyone still left (our "dell" tended to be a low step - or 3 low steps - not a wall, as the walls had those little jabby stones. Sometimes it was the wall, but there was a lot of wall, so that wasn't very fair).

And I remember "Port Starboard Bow Stern" very well from parties, gym AND Brownies. There were many commands such as:

Captain's coming (stand to attention)
Captain's gone (look relieved and stand relaxed)
Climb the rigging (mime climbing rigging - looks like a midair doggy paddle)
Swab the deck (mime scrubbing the floor)
Up periscope (lie on back and lift one leg)

But I don't remember "Boom Overhead" or "Man the lifeboats".