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Posted By: Mr Happy
20-Aug-07 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Tag (the game)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Tag
Both at primary school & in the cubs, there were a variety of games set up by teacher/akela/cubmaster.

Most were rough & tumble sorts & some I didn't like at all.

One of these was 'British Bulldog' & seemed to consist of random running about in a crowd of small boys, then grabbing each others goolies [AAAAAAArrrrgggggggh!!] & shouting 'British Bulldog!' for no apparent reason.

Another was one where the leader would shout 'Port' or 'Starboard' & the teams had to run to the right or left.

Those who got confused & ran wrong way got eliminated & winners were the team with most left at time period.

A game I did enjoy, played both in school & away was 'Pirates', very similar to 'off ground tag/tick' described above, the school gym version being particularly good with having ropes to swing from place to place.